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At NOVA BLG, we understand that a tangible, active presence within your company not only supports your short and long-term objectives but also enhances operational efficiency and proactively mitigates potential issues—saving you significant costs in the long run. For instance, preventing just one legal dispute could protect your company from expenses that could escalate to hundreds of thousands of dollars.

To this end, we offer our Outside General Counsel services at rates that are not only competitive but also favorably lower than usual, acknowledging the value of our partnership. As your Outside General Counsel, NOVA BLG is committed to the following responsibilities:

     1. Contract Services: Draft, review, and negotiate critical documents including Teaming Agreements, NDAs, Prime and Subcontractor       
         Agreements, and Vendor Agreements.

     2. Regulatory Compliance: Assist with compliance needs related to CMMC, CMMI, ISO,, and FAR and DFARS regulations.

     3. Policy Development: Develop and review corporate policies, enhance existing form agreements, and formulate new ones as needed.

     4. Intellectual Property Protection: Offer legal guidance on intellectual property matters to safeguard your patents and trademarks.

     5. Employment Law: Draft and review employment contracts and related legal documents.

     6. Executive Counseling: Provide strategic legal advice to company executives and management to support informed decision-making and
         long-term strategic planning.

     7. Dispute Management: Handle protest and pre-protest issues, manage pre-litigation disputes, and supervise outside counsel as required.
         Additionally, NOVA is equipped to serve as litigation counsel, pending board approval and case-by-case engagement.

     8. Board Participation: Attend Company Board Meetings to offer legal insights on proposed company actions.
     9. Consultation Availability: Remain readily available to consult on matters arising from contracts, partnerships, and other professional

   10. Mergers and Acquisitions: Prepare necessary documentation for acquisitions and mergers and engage in due diligence processes
         essential for your company’s growth.

Through our comprehensive Outside General Counsel services, NOVA BLG not only acts as your legal advisor but as a strategic partner dedicated to your success. We are committed to being an integral part of your team, aligning with your business goals, and providing legal insights that foster robust growth and stability. Our proactive approach ensures that we anticipate challenges and deliver solutions that not only mitigate risks but also enhance your operational capabilities. Partner with us and experience the reassurance and confidence that come from having seasoned legal experts by your side every step of the way.

Gov Con Services Team
Sam S. Garbia
Joseph P. Kirkwood
Jocelyn McKenzie
Mahmood Bakkash