Outside General Counsel Services

Many companies discover they are large enough to need consistent legal advice, but may not yet require a full-time general counsel. NOVA Business Law Group’s affiliate entity, GarbiaPlocki, LLP, provides Outside General Counsel services to clients seeking long-term strategic planning and counsel designed to help companies grow and compete in a rigorous market. We structure our program around your needs, and can be on-site with your company weekly, monthly, or quarterly to develop a lasting, well-founded relationship with your company and to help guide you just as a full-time general counsel would – but at a fraction of the cost.

All successful companies are well structured. Long-term stability requires organization, efficiency, and preparation. The policies and procedures that make large companies powerful are every bit as necessary to the growing company because they reflect time-tested business principals. We will bring those policies and procedures to your company.

Our Outside General Counsel services include:

Drafting and reviewing corporate policies, such as document retention, non-disclosure, non-compete, or drug and alcohol testing policies;

  • Drafting employee manuals and employment agreements;
  • Drafting corporate governance documents, such as by-laws, operating agreements, and resolutions, and helping companies maintain
  • proper corporate records;
  • Drafting, reviewing and negotiating commercial contracts;
  • Drafting or revising form agreements;
  • Providing assistance with legal and regulatory requirements affecting the company;
  • Providing legal advice to company executives and management regarding proposed company actions and long term strategy
  • planning; and
  • Managing pre-litigation dispute activities.

We focus on steering companies to avoid litigation, but recognize litigation is sometimes necessary. We will help you identify issues before they become expensive problems. Avoiding a single lawsuit, for example, can produce huge savings. And if litigation should arise, NOVA BLG’s team of experienced team of seasoned litigations is standing by to help.

Whether your plans involve long-term growth or a planned exit strategy, your company needs organization, efficiency, and preparation. We believe legal counsel is essential to growing companies, but that they should not be forced to incur the hefty fees charged by big firms, or take on another full-time salary until their company growth warrants that need. We are here to fill that middle ground and help you achieve your short- and long-term goals.