Mergers and Acquisitions Practice

NOVA BLG’s Mergers and Acquisitions (M&A) practice group focuses on advising buyers and sellers on corporate transactions such as mergers, acquisitions, and other forms of business combinations. This practice area encompasses a wide range of legal and business issues, including due diligence, contract negotiations, regulatory compliance, and closing the transaction.

NOVA BLG’s lawyers assist clients in navigating the complex legal and business issues involved in these transactions. We work closely with clients to ensure that the transaction is structured in a way that meets their goals and minimizes risk. This often involves negotiating the terms of the deal, conducting due diligence, and advising on regulatory compliance.

NOVA BLG’s lawyers have a strong understanding of corporate law, securities law, and other relevant legal areas. We also have excellent negotiation and communication skills and the ability to effectively manage complex transactions.

M&A transactions we have been involved with include:

  • Advised and assisted client with strategic buyers and investors for the sale of a fintech company valued between $700m - $750m. Key team member in facilitating negotiations on sales terms with outside M&A counsel.
  • Represented government contractor in asset purchase of an IDIQ with a ceiling value of $21B. Negotiated and drafted the novation agreements, purchase agreements, and assisted with employee transitions and on-boarding.
  • Represented Software Developer on $100M raise of capital for cyber security software product
  • Represented government contractor in the sale of its $62M business. Advised seller on various matters involving the sale, including corporate restructuring.
  • Represented government contractor in an Asset Purchase Agreement and Novation of government contract valued at $21M. Handled negotiations, due diligence, and novation with the Federal Government on behalf of buying entity.
  • Represented fintech company in a $15M cash and equity acquisition of a multi-national company’s software division. Negotiated and drafted the novation agreements, purchase agreements, and due diligence including hiring and managing outside counsel outside of the United States.
  • Represented local medical practice in sale of practice to national private equity group valued at $12M. Assisted in negotiating terms of purchase.
  • Represented technology company in a $11.95M acquisition of a social media and digital marketing company. Assisted with due diligence and negotiated terms of purchase.
  • Represented real estate developer in purchase of commercial strip mall valued at $10.2M. Negotiated, reviewed and drafted purchase agreements, lease assignments, note conversion, and financing documents.
  • Represented investment management company in the acquisition of multiple congregate living facilities in Texas and California totaling over $8M. Negotiated and drafted the investment documents, purchase agreements, and assisted with due diligence.
  • Represented investment group in the purchase of LLCs that owned property in the District of Columbia valued at $6M. Negotiated purchase terms on behalf of purchaser.
  • Represented technology company in a $4.9M acquisition of a Peruvian and Costa Rican entity.
  • Represented government contractor in a $3.2M membership unit sale. Conducted due diligence on buyers and negotiated post-closing employment for key personnel, contract drafting, and security clearance transfers.
  • Represented conglomerate of freight and logistics LLC’s in formation a joint venture with a large market player for a period of two years, followed by a $3M buyout of the JV by the conglomerate.
  • Represented buyers in a three-way home healthcare company merger totaling $1.5M.
  • Represented government contractor in a $1.3M stock sale. Conducted due diligence on buyers and negotiated post-closing employment and restrictive covenants for key personnel.
  • Represented the company in the sale of a $1M software company. Responsible for negotiations, due diligence, and drafting purchase agreements. 
  • Represented government contractor in its $800,000 acquisition. Completed acquisition in 12 days.
  • Represented government contractor in the acquisition of a company valued at $650,000.00. Conducted due diligence. Negotiated and drafted all assignment agreements, novation agreements, purchase agreements, and assisted with employee transition and on-boarding.
  • Represented commercial real estate group with real estate holdings valued over $50 million. Assisted with due diligence of properties and identifying potential buyers. Provided full support for leasing and other real estate needs.
  • Represented medical partnership in regional and national acquisition of smaller medical practices to form a nationwide-outsourced anesthesia service marketed to regional hospitals. 
  • Represented multiple dental and medical practices in acquisition of other practices, purchase values ranging from $750K to $5M.
Mergers and Acquisitions Practice Team
Sam S. Garbia
Ibrahim A. Moiz
Brandon S. Okes
Joseph P. Kirkwood
Mahmood Bakkash